Proving Negligence in a Car Accident

Car Accident scene

You’ve been injured in an accident and got a personal injury, now you are wondering how the compensation for away from work and medical bills would be taken care of. In order to prove negligence in a car accident causing injuries to have a criterion to be verified as mentioned under –

1.Duty of care – We all have civil duties to be followed so that our actions can not harm anyone in any manner by our activities. On-road, we consider all fellow drivers to remain safe and reach their destinations without any hassle caused by you. If you find anyone not following duty of care than reporting such actions can save everyone on the road as might be a car speeding just crossed you on road but that might hit someone ahead on the road hence the duty of care is always an important point to be considered and one should report any undoing of this sort.

2.Breach of duty – Disobeying traffic signals, speeding, distracted driving, and disobeying traffic signals are foremost for the duty of care is broken.

3.Causation – In addition to finding a breach of duty, the plaintiff must also prove that the damage done was caused by the defendant’s negligence. In most cases, if the defendant can’t be linked to the injuries, they will in most cases not be held liable.

4. Damage is done – This is the most important part as you must make a note of all the damages happened and put the complete list so that the cost of damage can be properly calculated. Any mistakes or unnoticing of any severe damage can also lead your claim to be denied.

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