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How Crucial Is a Police Report in a Car Accident?

Police Report

A car accident can lead to multiple issues especially when someone is hurt. Sometimes it can take days for injuries to be realized after an accident. It is important to take crucial steps when you are faced with such a scenario so as to protect you after a crash. From a legal standpoint, collecting the necessary documentation for use in an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit is very important to maintain along with dealing with the medical requirements.
Maybe at the time of the accident you aren’t sure about the possible consequences which may come your way in due course. It’s advisable to consult with an experienced Accident Attorney, such as The Burrell Law Firm. They have a proven track record in terms of compensation in matters involving personal injury. The Burrell Firm will help you get fairly compensated, even in cases where there’s no police report or little to no damage. The lack of a police report doesn’t mean that your claim can’t be established. Likewise, the lack of major vehicle damage doesn’t mean you haven’t suffered injuries.

Importance of a Police Report

A police report contains a detailed description of the events based on the information gathered by the officer. It may include the officer’s thoughts on the accident and interviews with the parties involved and any witnesses. This report also indicates, at times, any citations given to the drivers, which could help the insurance companies in their liability investigation.
When it comes to dealing with the Insurance Company, the production of a police report makes life much easier. It contains the facts of the accident, statements from all involved parties, and witness information. Further, a police report narrows down the facts. The lack of a police report allows memory to win out and sometimes causes an at-fault party to change the facts to avoid any increase in their monthly premium. To avoid that, it’s always best to request police to come out and make a report. You will be surprised at how many people admit to you their wrongdoing and then change that story for their insurance company. You will also be surprised at how often the at-fault party is willing, to tell the truth to the police officer in fear of the threat of filing a false police report. Lastly, in most jurisdictions now, police officers now are wearing body camera footage, which would provide video evidence of all parties giving their stories, which can go a long way.

What to Do If No Police Arrived at the Accident Scene

Often times, a police report is not completed because either 1) you or the other party are in a hurry, 2) the police department response time is just too long to wait, or 3) the police don’t respond at all, possibly due to the accident occurring on private property. In those instances, you have to do your best to develop the facts of the accident to preserve evidence. If the other driver admits to a fault and wants to avoid calling the police, I always suggest simply requesting a video on your cell phone of the driver admitting to the same. You want to narrow down the other driver’s story and have it in a form that’s usable. Text messages among one another would be inadmissible because there’s no way to confirm who sent what messages even if it’s coming from a phone that’s for the other driver. Video and/or audio evidence of what happened from the other driver is oftentimes better than a police report. In addition, you should take photos, talk to other parties involved, talk to witnesses, and get everyone’s contact information and the relevant party insurance information. If the other party can’t produce an active insurance car, it’s always advisable to take down his license plate and request law enforcement to come out. If the other simply doesn’t have insurance, your own insurance company requires of you, in most instances, to file a police report to make use of most coverage available under your own policy. When there’s no police report, you should definitely consult with a Personal Injury Attorney because the insurance company will attempt to take advantage. You can connect with The Burrell Law Firm LLC, your Personal Injury Attorney in New Orleans and Ruston, who will help you understand your options after you or a loved one is involved in an accident.