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Have you been accused of a home invasion? Being accused of or arrested for any crime can be a confusing, embarrassing, and traumatizing experience. Whether or not you have actually committed a crime, the unfortunate reality is that the criminal justice system is incredibly complex and doesn’t treat everyone equally. We are here to ensure that you are able to navigate the system as efficiently and successfully as possible.

We are The Burrell Firm, LLC, a criminal defense firm with offices in New Orleans and Ruston. Our New Orleans home invasion defense attorneys represent individuals across Louisiana with the goal of getting their charges dropped or reduced. We also hope the make the experience of being accused of a crime as painless as possible by offering you guidance and support. We understand that you are dealing with a lot and we promise to stand by your side every step of the way.

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Home Invasion Charges & Penalties in Louisiana

Home invasion is the unauthorized entering of any inhabited dwelling, or other structure belonging to another and used in whole or in part as a home or place of abode by a person, where a person is present, with the intent to use force or violence upon the person of another or to vandalize, deface, or damage the property of another.

Whoever commits the crime of home invasion shall be fined not more than $5000 and shall be imprisoned at hard labor for not less than one year nor more than 30 years.

If you are armed while committing the crime of home invasion, you can be fined up to $7,000 dollars and imprisoned at hard labor for anywhere between one to 30 years.

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Depending on the circumstances of the crime, a home invasion can be considered a very serious offense with severe consequences. Our defense attorneys are armed with the experience and tenacity needed to build you a defense that will hold up in court. While most cases are resolved outside of the courtroom, we always prepare for trial to ensure that we are ready for anything. By preparing for the worst, we hope to get you the best there is to offer.

Every case is unique, so before we decide on which defense is best for you, we will have to meet to discuss and review the facts of your case. Our initial consultations are entirely free and confidential, so giving us a call comes at no risk to you. We are available 24/7 to answer all your legal questions and stand up for you.

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